We are constantly being bombarded with different nutrition information, new fad diets and the media telling us what to eat and what we should look like. This causes a lot of stress, anxiety & guilt surrounding food, and we forget that we already have a flawless internal system of hormones and organs that are there to give us signals on when and how much to eat.

With this workshop we want to dispel these myths and the confusion surrounding health and exercise. Nutrition does not need to be this scary, complicated or restrictive for us to be healthy. 

Nutrition is also very psychological, so this workshop will help you gain the tools needed to work on disordered eating, such as emotional eating, binge eating or yo-yo dieting.

You will learn how to listen to your hunger and fullness cues more effectively, how your body responds to anxious thoughts about food, and about nutrition in general.

You will hopefully leave this workshop with a better understanding of your body & more confidence in your decisions regarding nutrition. It will also give you an understanding of the unrealistic expectations society puts on us with diets. This is also beneficial for parents facing difficulties with their children's nutrition.

Everyone will leave the workshop with a booklet consisting of further exercises to use from home.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who:

1.     Has struggled with diets.

2.     Is self-conscious about their body.

3.     Is conscious about their nutrition.

4.     Wants to improve their relationship with food.

5.     Wants to learn more about nutrition & how their body regulates food.

6.     Has or does display disordered eating (whether consciously or not).

Workshop details:

Date: Saturday. February 22nd, 2020. 

Time: 13:00 - 16:00

Where: Kipina Nursery 

Fee: 20 Bahraini Dinars*

What is included: exercise booklet, homework booklet, significant snacks, coffee, tea & water.

*Parents and staff members from Kipina get 10% off

Please click the link below to register, and you will receive a confirmation email within 2 days.


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